Yulenka became the first cat in space aboard the Vostok Miau mission. She is loyal to her DAO party, and can play Korobeiniki flawlessly on her bayan, even after an hour long binge of catnip. Nadia Khuzina said that the idea for her came to life because it is a trope that Russian artists in the west all make something about space, and added that it is the only positive thing you can mention about the Soviet times.


Founders Series



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Additional Notes

All Yulenkas were generated with Chainlink VRF. Founders Series cats were the first NFT packs generated with Chainlink's VRF service. Each Founders Series pack (5 cats) cost Ξ0.3 and consumed 2 LINK to assure verifiably random creation of each cat's properties. Gas price hovered around 120 Gwei during minting, and each mint used 147,020 in gas.

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