Parvati works as senior QA manager in a large multinational software development firm. She is a specialist in auditing Solidity, and has been known to eat slacking hamsters in the server room with a single gulp. Her status in the company allows her to work remotely most days. Parvati is an amalgamation of the smart, sassy women Nadia Khuzina worked with in India, and her days spent tiger spotting the Himalayan foothills.


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All Parvatis were generated with Chainlink VRF. Founders Series cats were the first NFT packs generated with Chainlink's VRF service. Each Founders Series pack (5 cats) cost Ξ0.3 and consumed 2 LINK to assure verifiably random creation of each cat's properties. Gas price hovered around 120 Gwei during minting, and each mint used 147,020 in gas.

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