Flamboyant Fanny

Flamboyant Fanny grew up under pressure, and spent most of his life questioning the crazy thing people called love. He knows he has yet to have his finest hour, and that the show must go on. Through Fanny he knows he can break free and face the truth. In having a good time with the role of Fanny, he discovers she’s a killer queen. Nobody can stop her now.


Noble Cats


8 (Each variant is a unique 1/1.)

Votes (Each)


Additional Notes

All Flamboyant Fannys were minted manually with OpenSea's ERC-1155 NFT contract. There is only one Flamboyant Fanny with green eyes, the other seven have blue eyes. The Spectrum Series was a subseries of Noble Cats. As Noble Cats, each Flamboyant Fanny confers 1,500 votes in the EtherCats DAO. Flamboyant Fanny has the longest name of any EtherCats character. The name was chosen by EtherCats fans in a Twitter poll against the options of Extravagant Esther (2nd), Darling Dorothy (3rd), and Marvelous Matilda (4th).

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