Hungry has an affinity for the traditional. He often dresses in hanbok, and doesn’t fancy the idea of proof of stake securing his long-term NFT assets. Born with a sixth sense for value, he often reminisces with pride about his early life as a birder in the Juknokwon bamboo forest. These days he is mostly about enjoying the fruits of his labor that he has amassed. Nothing but the finest barbecue for Hungry now that he’s the boss.


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Additional Notes

All Hungrys were minted manually with OpenSea's ERC-1155 NFT contract. They were assigned a fixed score of 15 for purposes of early promotions. This score now represents the votes each cat confers in the EtherCats DAO. The oddly low score of 15 was determined by the amount of retweets an official @EtherCats Twitter post received when he was introduced.

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