Mr. Big

Mr. Big is a loanshark. He grew up hustling people at various proposition bets. He knows every angle in the book. There isn’t a positive expectation play that Mr. Big won’t exploit for his benefit. He is always bending the rules, except when it comes to the terms of the money he is owed. You better pay on time or he will send his paw-breaking goons out to find you!


Noble Cats



Votes (Each)


Additional Notes

Mr. Big was revealed as an Ether Cards Alpha card. He was the second 1/1 NFT of the EtherCats project, and the first to be collaboratively as part of another project as well. He conveys votes in the EtherCats DAO as an official member of the Noble Cats series. Mr. Big enjoys dual benefits with the Ether Cards project.

(Mr. Big is a 1/1)